GlassOuse V1.1


1x GlassOuse
2x Bite Click Silicone
2x Ear Holder
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual


Award winner GlassOuse V1.1 is a hybrid Bluetooth mouse worn like a pair of glasses to connect tech gadgets for disabled people. With it’s game-changing bite-click switch, click actions are performed via simple bites and you can use it while you wear your own glasses. GlassOuse V1.1 connects computers, mobile phones. tablets and smart TVs in seconds and is ready to use after a short calibration process. The device is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android systems.



Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, ChromeOS

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth

USB: Micro B type

Battery: LiPo PL501746 3.7V 330mAh Battery

Lenght: 160mm x Width: 145mm x Thickness: 50mm

Weight: 47.2 gr

GlassOuse V1.1 User Manual

Download the user manual to learn more about your GlassOuse V1.1, connection, calibration and settings.


ClickAid Software

ClickAid is a 3rd party and free software to be used as a screen-mouse. You can do right and double clicks. System requirements Windows 7 or later and .Net Framework 4.5.


Point-N-Click Software

Point-N-Click is a 3rd party and free virtual screen mouse software. You can do right and double clicks along with more features. System requirements Windows 7 or later and .Net Framework 4.5.


EasyTouch APK

EasyTouch is a free Android APK designed to mimic physical home buttons on your phones and tablets. As an assistive and system manager tool, it is a tiny button floating around your screen. You can control your device or open your favorite app easily without closing the current app and also you can customize your menu.


Hacker’s Keyboard APK

Hacker’s Keyboard is a free Android APK which you can customize highly as a virtual keyboard. With its detailed settings, you can enable your screen keyboard to appear while a physical input device is connected to your phone or tablet.


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