Blink & Click: Effortless Interaction with the Blink of an Eye

Blink Switch

Blink Switch

GlassOuse PRO/Link

GlassOuse 1.4 (and below)

*When using with GlassOuse PRO/Link, Blink switch can only attach to GW01 Framewear.


Note: It’s suggested to not use Blink Switch while wearing your regular spectacles.


Introducing the GlassOuse Blink Switch, a convenient assistive switch that allows individuals with limited mobility to control digital devices with simple eye blinks. The Blink Switch features an eye sensor that accurately detects intentional eye blinks* prompting an accurate and precise click on your computer, mobile phones or tablets.

Blink switch features 3.5mm jack port connection and pairs perfectly with GlassOuse PRO/Link* or GlassOuse V1.4 (or lower)

Personalization is important, and the Blink Switch comes with an adjustable blink sensitivity setting. This makes it convenient for a wide range of individuals, as users can customize the switch to their needed comfort level.

The GlassOuse Blink Switch provides many benefits. With this innovative assistive switch, users can effortlessly navigate applications, browse the internet, and engage with software, all through simple eye blinks. It empowers individuals with limited mobility to gain independence and convenience in their daily lives.

Our website provides comprehensive information and support for the GlassOuse Blink Switch. Discover how this groundbreaking assistive switch can enhance accessibility for you or your loved ones.

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