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    GlassOuse Affiliate Program is a system where you can create unique affiliate links for online shopping from and offers you 10% commission on each sold items through your URL links.

    GlassOuse Affiliate Program is absolutely free and you can register in seconds. Just create your account, update your profile and PayPal email for payment, then generate your unique affiliate links! Easy as it sounds!

    After you generated your unique affiliate links, start sharing. Many of our affiliates uses their social media channels or blogs to spread the word about GlassOuse items with their contacts. When someone clicks on your links and purchases any item, the system will automatically calculate your commission and you will be able to see each record on your affiliate dashboard. Just make sure that your links are correct, has your reference ID on the URL and clickable.

    After you create your account, go to “Generate Link” section on your dashboard. You can generate a general link by using address or if you would like to introduce items one by one, you can use the related product URLs. After you generate your link, you should see your unique reference ID on the generated link:



    Commissions are calculated on item prices and shipping fees are excluded.

    When someone purchases an item via your affiliate link, we expect them to receive their items and pass 15-days-trial period without a refund process. After they pass this period, your commission payment is created and completed on the first business day of each month altogether. To receive your commissions automatically, please set up your PayPal address on your dashboard. If you need any help or have questions about your commission and payments, please contact us at [email protected] address,

    You can ask anything about on our affiliate program at [email protected].