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Control Devices Independently


GlassOuse Link

Empowers people with disabilities to control their mobile phones and tablets hands-free even without moving head.

Read & write emails, browse social media, call someone you want to and do all the things and more with GlassOuse Link

A smart and easy to use device for people with restricted mobility to connect and control devices hands free using assistive switches


Mobile Phone
Smart TV

Connect with iPhones, iPads, Androids Phones and tablets, MacOS computers and windows
( need a independent scanning software separately )
  • Connect your switches

    Choose and connect your switches which are easy for you use like bite switch, puff switch, pillow switch, foot switch etc.

  • Connect GlassOuse
    Link to Device

    Pair it via BT4.0 to your device ( mobile phone or tablet - you can connect upto 3 devices)

  • Pair your switches

    Connect your switches as 'external switch' in Switch control and go ahead operating your device.

    How to activate switch control on your device



Multi Switch Connectivity


Pixel Precise Accuracy


Wide angle workability


Sensitivity Adjustment


Long Battery

Connect To 3 Devices Simultaneously And Switch Easily Between Them

With GlassOuse Link, you can connect and control up to 3 devices(iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS) via BT4.0 and switch between them easily. GlassOuse will automatically save the settings of each device and activate every time you switch to that device.


Choose Switches Which Works For You

You can choose and connect your own set of assistive switches as your body allows you to work. Connect upto 8 switches to GlassOuse Link and perform more functions as needed.

Choose Your G-Wear Accessory To Go With Your GlassOuse Link

Select from 6 different wear accessories to use your GlassOuse PRO. All accessories are systematically designed to be able to accommodate most individuals with different disability, to be able to use GlassOuse Link with comfort.


Unlock More Potential And Functions With GlassOuse APP

Control how GlassOuse Link works on each device – assign functions to the connected switch in all three modes and change the sensitivity of GlassOuse


Use it worry free

GlassOuse comes with worry-free 15-days money return and 1 – year free repair/replacement policy.

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