GlassOuse V1.4


GlassOuse V1.4 – Newly designed foldable handles for more stability & flexibility for more comfort for long hours use.

  • Control Mobile, Computer, Tablet or Smart TV wirelessly and hands-free via head movement.
  • Works with all known OS: Andriod, iOS 13, Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Linux, ChromeOS.
  • Make a click via connecting any 3.5mm adaptive switch or with dwell software.
  • Long Battery: 150+ Hours on a single charge.

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GlassOuse Assistive Device is a wireless head mouse allowing people with disabilities or limited bodily movement to connect and control devices simply via head movement. GlassOuse can connect to mobile phones, computers, tablets or smart TV supporting all major operating systems via BT4.0

New GlassOuse V1.4 packs all the features from the previous V1.3 and sports a new design handle build with new sturdier material for improved device strength and steadiness, while still being comfortable during longer use.

Make Clicks Using Adaptive Switch

Connect any 3.5 mm jack adaptive switch for making a click on the screen. Alternatively, you can use Dwell software to make a click too.

G-Switch series features 9 different adaptive switches which can be connected to GlassOuse V1.4 and used to make a click.


Fast Connection via BT4.0

GlassOuse V1.4 supports BT4.0 and below to connect with devices with high sensitivity and low latency with precision.

9-Axis Gyroscope

GlassOuse V1.4 precisely detects user head movement as it moves to move the cursor on the screen accordingly using its multilinear gyroscope.


Calibrate and Sensitivity

You can easily calibrate GlassOuse with a connected device for precision control and adjust the needed sensitivity of the cursor via its three-mode sensitivity.

10x Long Battery Life

With GlassOuse optimized low-power chipset, GlassOuse V1.4 can run up to 150+ hours on a single charge.


Solid Build Quality

With the new design and improve material quality, V1.4 is sturdier even for rugged use, while still being easy to control and comfortable to wear even for a long time.

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