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Bite Switch


GlassOuse PRO/Link


GlassOuse 1.4 (and below)


Presenting a new and longer Bite Switch, With new tough material and a better feedback click system, GlassOuse bite switch can withstand up to 1000000 clicks under 3-tons of pressure. Its increased endurance ensures trouble-free daily use while being highly responsive.

Bite Switch comes with a mono 3.5 mm jack connector, and it can be paired perfectly with all GlassOuse assistive devices or any kind of adapted device offering a 3.5 mm jack input. Its flexible cable is 3 cm longer than the GS01L bite switch – which makes it a perfect pair for GlassOuse PRO / Link. It’s also super lightweight, making it easy to use in different positions.

Covered with a non-carcinogenic material, the silicone cover protects the switch module and is easy to change and clean.

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