Cheeky Click
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Cheek Switch


GlassOuse PRO/Link

GlassOuse 1.4 (and below)

*When using with GlassOuse PRO/Link, Cheek Switch switch can only attach to GW01 Framewear.


Introducing the Cheek Switch, a proximity assistive switch that enables individuals with limited mobility to control digital devices effortlessly using just the movement of their cheek muscles.

The Cheek Switch is designed with convenience and versatility in mind. At the end of the wire, you’ll find a coin-sized proximity sensor that detects the movement of your cheek muscles when you puff your cheeks, transforming it into a simple click.

Equipped with a mono 3.5mm port and an adjustable wire, it offers flexibility and ease of use. It’s works perfectly with GlassOuse PRO/Link* and GlassOuse V1.4. Two 3.5mm connection cables of varying lengths are included in the box, allowing you set it up on either left or right side of your face.

The Cheek Switch opens a world of possibilities, empowering individuals with limited mobility to navigate applications, browse the internet, and engage with software effortlessly. With its intuitive design and reliable performance, it provides a seamless and accessible way to interact with digital devices.

Experience the convenience and freedom of the Cheek Switch today

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