Finger Switch

Finger Switch



1x G-Switch Series GS03 – Finger Switch

1x Adjustable touch fastener strap

1x User Manual


Finger Switch from G-Switch Series is a mini but mighty type switch control which can be combined with GlassOuse V1.2 perfectly or any adapted device with a 3.5m jack connection. The switch comes with a 100cm long cable and its built-in switch button can detect different levels of pressure.

Finger Switch can be used via touch fastener straps to be used with your fingers, arms or any part of your body. When Finger Switch is mounted on fabric surfaces, the switch sticks tightly not to disturb the user while doing clicking actions. Like all G-Switch Series options, also Finger Switch can be extended with the help of extension cable according to the user’s needs.





Connection Type: 3.5mm | 1/8″

Switch Type: Mechanical / Wired

Activation Type: Pressure

Activation Force: 200gr / 7.05 oz

Cable Length: 100cm / 3.93″

Weight: 13.5g / 0.47 oz

Lenght: 18.5mm / 0.72″

Width: 18.5mm / 0.72″

Thickness: 11mm / 0.43″

Feedback: Auditory Click / Tactile

Finger Switch User Manual

Download the user manual to learn more about your Finger Switch, connection, maintenance and further details.


Click to download Switch Comparison guide here.



Finger Switch is a tiny button to make clicks. Can be mounted on fabric surfaces or touch fastener straps. Compatible with GlassOuse V1.2 and any other adapted device and toys offering 3.5 mm / 1.8″ mono jack plug in connection type.


GS03 Finger Switch from G-Switch Series is designed and manufactured by EnnoPro Group Limited.


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