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Muscle Switch

Compatible With


GlassOuse PRO/Link


GlassOuse 1.4


Introducing the GlassOuse Muscle Switch, a groundbreaking assistive switch that revolutionizes digital interaction with effortless muscle movements.

The Muscle Switch features cutting-edge sensors that effortlessly detect muscle movements, translating them into seamless clicks on your digital devices. Compact yet highly sensitive, it offers unparalleled precision in navigating the digital realm.

Featuring versatile connectivity options, including three lengths of straps, the Muscle Switch can be easily positioned on areas of significant muscle movement, such as the wrist, palm, forearm, upper arm, ankle, calf, etc..

Customization is key, and the Muscle Switch boasts adjustable sensitivity settings, to accommodate the amplitude of your muscle movements.

Experience newfound freedom as the Muscle Switch empowers individuals with limited mobility to effortlessly navigate applications, browse the internet, and engage with software. Its intuitive design and dependable performance offer a seamless and accessible way to interact with digital devices.

Explore our website for comprehensive information and support on the GlassOuse Muscle Switch and discover how this revolutionary device can enhance accessibility for you or your loved ones. Unlock a world of possibilities with GlassOuse Muscle Switch.

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