GS06 Press Switch 150gr

Press Switch 150gr



1x G-Switch Series GS06 – Press Switch 150gr

1x Double Sided Tape

1x User Manual

A durable switch option for users with less physical control. GS06 Press Switch provides 8.63cm activation surface, making the item comfortable enough for both user groups needing either a large or smaller target area to interact. Operated by 150g activation force, GS06 Press Switch has an auditory click and tactile feedback.

Press Switch comes with a 185cm long cable and a 3.5mm mono jack plug-in. Can be used with different mounting options or double-sided tapes.



Press Switch 150gr User Manual

Download the user manual to learn more about your Press Switch 150gr, connection, maintenance and further details.


Click to download Switch Comparison guide here.


Connection Type: 3.5mm | 1/8″

Switch Type: Mechanical / Wired

Activation Type: Pressure

Activation Force: 150gr / 5.2 oz

Activation Surface: 86.30mm / 3.39″

Weight: 68±2g / 2.39 oz

Cable Length: 185±5cm / 72.8″

Diameter: 96.9mm / 3.81″

Thickness: 31.55mm / 1.08″

Feedback: Auditory Click / Tactile





Press Switch 150gr is a light switch control option for both users groups needing either a small or larger target area. Offers auditory click and tactile feedback. Comfortable use with its lightweight and long cable. You can mount Press Switch 150gr with different mounting options or use double sided tapes.


GS06 Press Switch 150gr from G-Switch Series is designed and manufactured by EnnoPro Group Limited.


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