Puff Switch

Puff Switch



1x G-Switch Series GS02 – Puff Switch

3x CEBA CR1632 125mAh 3V coin size battery

1x User Manual


Puff Switch is genuinely designed for GlassOuse V1.2, yet you can connect it to any kind of adapted device offering male to female 3.5mm jack plugin for external switch controls. Unlikely to regular sip and puff systems, Puff Switch uses an electronic module to do the clicks via puffs. Simply puff towards the switch, and the built-in blow trigger will turn puff frequencies into signals to perform the clicks.

The switch works with a coin size battery – extremely easy to change – and the battery life can go up to two months. The smart battery of Puff Switch will turn the switch off automatically in one hour if it is not used to enjoy a longer battery life while the switch also can be turned off manually via pressing the small button placed on the module.





Connection Type: 3.5mm | 1/8″

Switch Type: Electronic/ Wired

Activation Type: Pneumatic

Activation force: Breath from mouth

Cable Length: 100mm / 4.3″

Weight: 11g / 0.38 oz

Lenght: 170mm / 6.69″

Width: 24.5mm / 0.96″

Thickness: 11mm / 0.43″

Battery Type: CR1632 3V Coin Size

Puff Switch User Manual

Download the user manual to learn more about your Puff Switch, connection, maintenance and further details.


Click to download Switch Comparison guide here.



Puff Switch differs from regular “sip’n puff” examples we know. The switch uses a fully electronic system to detect the user’s breath and turn into signals to make clicks. You can set the sensitivity via the tiny power button on the switch and choose the distance and blow force according to your needs.


GS02 Puff Switch from G-Switch Series is designed and manufactured by EnnoPro Group Limited.


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