GS08 Touch SwitchGS08 Touch Switch

Touch Switch



1x G-Switch Series GS08 – Touch Switch

1x Secondary Switch

1x Double Sided Tape

1x User Manual

With an 8.63cm activation surface, Touch Switch is highly sensitive to detect slight touches on activation area without any delay. Simply touch any area on the switch module to perform your clicks including the edges of the device. GS08 Touch Switch comes with a 3.5mm mono jack connector plug and it is compatible with any kind of adapted devices besides GlassOuse V1.2.

Touch Switch works with 3x AAA dry or Ni-MH batteries and its smart battery system turns the device off in one hour if it is not used. Auditory and visual feedback can be selected according to the user’s needs easily or can be turned off if desired. With the help of the external secondary switch, you can extend the using range of Touch Switch with a smaller activation module.



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Connection Type: 3.5mm | 1/8″

Switch Type: Electronic/ Wired

Activation Type: Light touch sensor

Activation Force: Slight touch

Activation Surface: 86.30mm / 3.39″

Weight: 125 gr / 4.40 oz

Cable Length: 185±5 cm / 72.8″

Diameter: 96.9 mm / 3.81″

Thickness: 28.55 mm / 1.12″

Feedback: Auditory Beep / Visual


Touch Switch is an easy to use switch control option for both users groups needing either a small or larger target area. Offers auditory beep and visual feedback. Simply touch on the activation surface or the edges of the module to make clicks. Comfortable use with its lightweight and long cable. You can mount Touch with different mounting options or use double sided tapes. Works with 3x AAA batteries and offers feedback selection mode.


GS08 Touch Switch from G-Switch Series is designed and manufactured by EnnoPro Group Limited.


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