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Wide Angle, High Precision Accessibility Device


Smart Battery
Enters sleep mode and wakes quickly.


Sensitivity Adjustment
3 Progressive hardware and software sensitivity setting.


Quick Response Time
Less than 1 second character
writing speed.


Wide Compatibility
Windows, Android, Linux, Smart TV, Mobile systems and Bluetooth compatibility.
Accessibility Equipment

Wide Viewing Angle
Axis gyroscope motor.120 first and only 9 degrees vertical, 180 degree horizontal angle precision.


Ergonomic & lightweight
50 grams of weight to the use of appropriate design glasses

Anticarcinogenic & hygienic
Hygienic mouthpiece private use. CE and Rohs reporting, material


High Compatibility
All Windows, Android, Linux, Smart TV, compatible with mobile systems.
GlassOuse KF-1M V1.1
Please click here to see Glassouse user manual.
Please click here to see open box video.
Please click here to download Android Apk.
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