GlassOuse is an assistive device designed to help people who cannot use technology due to limited abilities and give them more control of their computers, phones and smart TVs.

As the very first example of its kind, GlassOuse is a special mouse designed alternatively for those who have trouble using their gadgets with any other input devices. As a bluetooth mouse featuring built-in motion sensor, GlassOuse controls the cursor with slight head movements and maximum accuracy while allowing the user to click by a bite or press of the lips on a blue “bite-click” button.

Worn like glasses, you simply put it on and connect your gadgets via bluetooth. Offering an ergonomic and a lightweight design, GlassOuse also can be used with regular glasses since it fits right above the ones you wear.

So far, we reached out many people to share our story and our efforts have been turning into something bigger day by day as we spread the word.