Disco Bob – The Dancing Cat


Disco Bob – The Dancing Cat – GAT06

1x Jazzy Dancer Toy with 3.5mm jack connector
1x User Manual

   GlassOuse Warranty

FUNCTION: It will play and dance to 8 different music which can be controlled by a connected switch; it will record and play voice with a connected switch.

Length:  33cm
Material: Super Soft Plush
Filling: Environment safe 3D PP cotton
Power:  3x AA Battery


  1. Connect a 3.5mm jack adaptive switch of your choice to the toy.
  2. To PLAY, short press the switch and the toy will start dancing and singing.
  3. To change the music, activate the switch again.
  4. To STOP, press the switch again.
  5.  To RECORD, long-press the switch and the toy will start recording, press the switch again it will start playing the voice you record.

*Switches sold separately



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