Product Overview

G-Headband is worn over your head with GlassOuse attached to its clasp. IT can be worn from both sides, depending on which side you want GlassOuse to be placed (right or left). Both ends come with a sponge cushion for a comforting grip for long hours of use.

Its band length can be adjusted as needed by simply pulling out or pushing in.

How To Use

  1. Mount the GlassOuse to the G-Headband by sliding it into the clasp until they are firm and steady.
  2. Wear it over your head, above your ears. The headband can be adjusted according to your size or comfort.
  3. The clasp on G-headband is rotatable so that you can choose to wear GlassOuse either on the right side or left.
  4. To remove GlassOuse, push the remove latch on the clasp and pull GlassOuse out.

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