Product Overview

A thick stretchable band made from soft and comfortable to touch elastic. Latch GlassOuse to its clasp, and you are good to go. It’s good if you are looking to use GlassOuse attached to your arms, hands, or even legs.

If you choose to use GlassOuse from your bed, this will help you keep it sturdy and attached to your body. Its length is adjustable.

How To Use

  1. Mount the GlassOuse to the G-Strap by sliding it into the clasp until they are firm and steady.
  2. Wear G-Strap over your head, arm, leg, or other parts of your body from which you intend to control GlassOuse. You can increase its length or decrease it accordingly.
  3. To remove GlassOuse, push the remove latch on the clasp and pull GlassOuse out.

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