GlassOuse PRO + Link Bundle


1x GlassOuse PRO
1x GlassOuse Link

13x G-Switches: GS01 Bite Switch, GS02 Puff Switch, GS03 Finger Switch, GS04 Foot Switch, GS05 Press Switch 100gr, GS06 Press Switch 150gr, GS07 Pillow Switch, GS08 Touch Switch, GS09 Proximity Switch, GS10 360 Bite Switch, GS11 Cheek Switch, GS12 Blink Switch, GS13 Muscle Switch.

6x G-Wear: GW01 G-Framewear, GW02 G-Headband, GW03 G-Cap, GW04 G-Beanie Hat, GW05 G-Strap (S), GW06 G-Strap(B).

4x Accessories : AC01 Silicone Switch Cover, AC02 3.5 mm Extension Cable, AC04 Pillow Switch Cover, AC06 3.5 mm Jack Y-Splitter.

*All related accessories are included

GlassOuse Warranty

Order all, save cost! Full set of GlassOuse PRO + Link, G-Switch Series, and G-Wear with all accessories. It is ideal for schools, rehab centres, and hospitals to add all library items. Each item comes with its box, accessories, and user manuals.



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